2022 State of Theology Survey

The annual Ligonier State of Theology survey was recently released. You can find the whole report here. As with last years, things are getting worse in major sectors of Christian theology and Christian orthodoxy in America. The survey concludes with the following words, “The 2022 State of Theology survey reveals that Americans increasingly reject theContinue reading “2022 State of Theology Survey”

Apologetics at Virginia Tech

With the school year in full swing I had the opportunity to go down to Virginia Tech and have conversations with students about whether truth exists. In six years of doing this today is the first time a student unequivocally rejected collective survival of the fittest. Darwin claimed that an organism could survive in twoContinue reading “Apologetics at Virginia Tech”

Textual Criticism and the Spiritual Factor

Over at textandtranslation.org you can find a free PDF of Dr. Wilbur Pickering addressing the practice of textual criticism and the spiritual factors necessarily involved when dealing with God’s words. Here is a brief excerpt: People who deny the existence of the Creator, and therefore of an inspired text, have no reason to participate inContinue reading “Textual Criticism and the Spiritual Factor”

“I Watched It” – A New False Friend

Today I have a brief story for you. As most of you know I am preparing to debate James White on the topic of Confessional Bibliology and the quality of the TR. As part of this preparation many have been sending me things to watch and watch out for. Thank you all for that. OneContinue reading ““I Watched It” – A New False Friend”