A Comprehensive Argument for a
Standard Sacred Text

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An Exegetical Grounding for a Standard Sacred Text: Episode 1

For the Church to possess such a doctrine there must be a sound exegetical grounding for this element of Systematic Theology and specifically, the Doctrine of Scripture or Bibliology. Since the mid-19th century what was once a robust element of Orthodox Theological formulation and grounding has dwindled even among advocates of the TR and KJV.…

Gilbert Tennet, 1744 on the Qualities of Scripture’s Canonicity

[Gilbert Tennent (1703-1764) was undoubtedly the single most important Presbyterian minister in North America before the War for Independence (1776-1783).] And here I may summarily observe, that the sacred Scriptures are the perfect and only Rule of our Faith and Practice, Hence in our Text they are said to make the Man of God perfect and…

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