What is StandardSacredText.com?

Our Aim

The aim of StandardSacredText.com is to see the world changed through the Christian’s robust belief in their Bible. Certainly the path can be a winding one, but we believe all Christians can possess a warranted, rational, and biblically sound belief in the Bible from which they read. To this end we present to you StandardSacredText.com – a collection of original publications, podcasts, blog posts, and unpublished papers.

Our History

Dr. Peter Van Kleeck Sr. graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary [East] with an M.A.R., Calvin Theological Seminary with a Th.M., and Bob Jones University with a D.Min. His dissertation provided a primer for pastors on how to preach from the Song of Solomon. He has pastored for over 30 years and is currently pastoring Providence Baptist Church in Manassas, VA. He was formerly the director of the Institute for Biblical and Textual Studies in Grand Rapids, MI and continues to advance arguments in favor of the TR tradition and the King James Bible.

Dr. Peter Van Kleeck Jr. also graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary [East] with an M.A.R, Calvin Theological Seminary with a Th.M., Liberty University with a Ph.D. His dissertation utilized Reformed Epistemology to argue in favor of Scripture beliefs as warranted, rational, and basic. Peter is currently in his fifth year as a professor at Trinity Baptist College (Jacksonville, FL). He is also the founder of http://www.wisdomgap.org – an apologetic ministry to college students.