In this section we would like to point you to digital and written resources for the furtherance of your understanding of the Standard Sacred Text position. Really the Burgons and Letises are only a part of the overall argument for the certainty and authority of a single text for a given believing community. The larger part belongs to the preachers and believing community. It is not enough that a handful be educated. It is a responsibility that falls to us all.

Digital Resources

1.) The Trinitarian Bible Society:

2.) Word Magazine:



5.) YountTextlessandReformed Podcast:

1.) Hebrew OT and Greek NT in the same book:

2.) Greek NT [TR]:

3.) Disputations on Holy Scriptures by William Whitaker:

4.) The Ecclesiastical Text by Theodore Letis:

5.) Text and Time by Edward F. Hills:

6.) Revision Revised by Dean Burgon:

7.) Theological Dictionary of Greek and Latin Terms by Richard Muller:

8.) Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics: On Holy Scripture by Richard Muller:

9.) Institutes of Elenctic Theology Vol. 1 by Francis Turretin:

10.) Then He Poked The Bear: A Dozen or So Arguments Against Modern Textual Criticism and Its Fruits by Peter Van Kleeck Jr.:

11.) A Philosophical Grounding for a Standard Sacred Text: Leveraging Reformed Epistemology in the Quest for a Standard English Version of the Bible by Peter Van Kleeck Jr.: