Ontological vs. Epistemological Canon

Recently I watched a highlight of Dr. White dealing with the concept of Ontological Canon vs. Epistemological Canon. I am familiar with ontological, epistemological, and canon but the comparison/contrast infers two kinds of canons the Canon that is [Ontological], and the Canon we understand as Canon [Epistemological]. White dealt with this comparison in the contextContinue reading “Ontological vs. Epistemological Canon”

Encouragement or Collapse: The Enlightenment Project is Struggling in Major Sectors

Over the past couple weeks or so it has come to my attention that serious shifts in the Enlightenment project have necessarily come to the fore. Consider the following: 1.) Biological Evolution and specifically Darwin’s theory of evolution has come under fire in recent days. First, there was Darwin’s theory, then came the Modern SynthesisContinue reading “Encouragement or Collapse: The Enlightenment Project is Struggling in Major Sectors”

The Providence of God in Preserving Scripture

Originally posted on Purely Presbyterian:
We have written previously on?The Preservation of?Scripture?that God has kept?his written word pure for the Church through all ages in the Hebrew and Greek faithful copies (apographa). We continue in this post by precisely explaining how he did so “by his?singular care and providence.” First we will briefly discuss the…

A Revolution in Dispute and Discussion

After listening to the Textual Confidence Collective [TCC], I couldn’t help but observe that they did little to move the discussion down the road. They certainly took the opportunity to stump for their side, but as far as answering the pressing questions of authority and certainty, the whole performance fell flat. It also dawned onContinue reading “A Revolution in Dispute and Discussion”

For The Want of a Horseshoe Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the message was lost.For want of a message the battle was lost. For want of a battle the kingdom was lost, And all for the want of a horseshoe nail. This famous proverb has been used across the centuries to indicate the importance and necessity of small things in the grand picture. We see this truth all around us. That is why kings and generals and Supreme Court justices have quoted or made reference toContinue reading “For The Want of a Horseshoe Nail”

An Oldie But A Goodie: Theodore Letis Radio Interview on KVTT

Here we have a 90 minute interview of Theodore Letis on KVTT. Dooley does a wonderful job asking penetrating question though it is clear he is not an advocate of Letis’ position. The interview is a model interview even among those who differ. As an aside, Dooley gives Letis an opportunity to be Letis andContinue reading “An Oldie But A Goodie: Theodore Letis Radio Interview on KVTT”

Christopher Yetzer Addressing the Meaning of “Very Vulgar” in the KJV Preface to the Reader (Part 4)

The following is Christopher Yetzer’s fourth and final instalment in the treatment of the term “very vulgar” as it is used in the 1611 KJV Preface to the Reader. You can find prior instalments here: First, Second, and Third. Recently, “very vulgar” has been co-opted by opponents of the KJV in order to claim thatContinue reading “Christopher Yetzer Addressing the Meaning of “Very Vulgar” in the KJV Preface to the Reader (Part 4)”

Confessional Bibliology: The Stronger Apologetic

As many of you know my Ph.D. is in Christian Apologetics. I love Christian Apologetics. I love meeting people where they are and helping them see the person, power, and work of Jesus Christ. I will talk to anyone at any time about their worldview, it’s explanatory force and scope, and whether their worldview stacksContinue reading “Confessional Bibliology: The Stronger Apologetic”

Which Came First – The Text or Textual Criticism?

In the most recent episode of the Textual Confidence Collective [TCC] much hay was made about the ongoing enterprise of textual criticism in the history of the Church. In my opinion they did not go back far enough to the inception of textual criticism with the words, “Yeah, hath God said?” brought to us byContinue reading “Which Came First – The Text or Textual Criticism?”

The KJV: The Most Searched For English Bible Version on Google

Around here we often make the case that we know what words are God’s words by the Spirit of God moving through the words of God in the hearts of the people of God. More colloquially we look to the average Spirit-filled Christian and not the scholar to tell us what belongs in the BibleContinue reading “The KJV: The Most Searched For English Bible Version on Google”