Amandus Polanus, 1600, Arguing for the Long Ending of the Lord’s Prayer

“Amandus Polanus (1561-1610) wrote extensively on the doctrine of Scripture against the famed Roman Catholic apologist, Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621). His refutation of Bellarmine spanned nearly 800 pages in his Syntagma Theologiae (Hanover, 1610, pp. 95-831). Polanus was a German Reformed theologian who spent much of his academic career teaching in Basel, Switzerland. Historians, such as Richard Muller,Continue reading “Amandus Polanus, 1600, Arguing for the Long Ending of the Lord’s Prayer”

Trust me, I’m a Text Critic

We at Standard Sacred Text do not see historic, orthodox, theological precommitments as a liability to a sound defense of the Faith and Scripture. Indeed, consistent Christianity demands the Lordship of Christ through the Word and Spirit in every part of life, including research and writing. Dr. White’s presentation reminds us that there are ChristianContinue reading “Trust me, I’m a Text Critic”

What is the Role of the Holy Spirit in Dr. White’s Apologetic?

John Calvin (1509-1564) wrote his Institutes (1559) in the early orthodox period (1565-1640) of the Protestant Reformation. His work was taken up by the great apologist William Whitaker (1548-1595) in A Disputation of Holy Scripture Against the papists especially Bellarmine and Stapleton (1588). According to Wayne Spear, Whitaker was quoted more frequently than any otherContinue reading “What is the Role of the Holy Spirit in Dr. White’s Apologetic?”

Brief Observations on the Authority of Scripture Debate with Dr. White

The objection made by Dr. Van Kleeck that caused Dr. White to bristle perhaps the most was Dr. Van Kleeck’s observation that White’s argument was wholly secular being void of any Scriptural support. After listening to the debate, we understand how adamant White is about the priority of manuscript evidence and how essential, in hisContinue reading “Brief Observations on the Authority of Scripture Debate with Dr. White”

Being a “nice” Christian

Is “being nice” a Christian virtue? And who is the arbitrator of what “being nice” looks like? My Dad had little formal training, but he read his Bible and grounded me in orthodox Christian theology. My Dad never told me to believe something he was teaching just because he said so. He allowed me toContinue reading “Being a “nice” Christian”

The Gaslighting of the American Church

Gaslighting is being told that what is conspicuous is not at all what is happening. A reporter standing in front of a burning building and saying that the riot occurring before your eyes is “mostly peaceful” is an attempt at gaslighting. Gaslighting is a methodology of authoritarian regimes to cause people to question what theyContinue reading “The Gaslighting of the American Church”

The Power of Scripture as a Savor of Death unto Death: Hebrews 4:12

The book of Hebrews was written to religious people who were in the process of marginalizing Jesus Christ and returning to an earlier and less robust iteration of OT Jehovah worship. They were not departing from an historic religious tradition, one established by Moses after returning from Mt. Sinai, but from the fullest and finalContinue reading “The Power of Scripture as a Savor of Death unto Death: Hebrews 4:12”

McShaffrey vs. Ward: The AV Pronoun Debate

At, Christian McShaffrey and Mark Ward have jointly shared their respective views on the use of “thee” and “ye” in the Authorized Version and whether such terminology should be abandoned. McShaffrey does a fine job defending their use and it seem quite clear that Ward technically concedes McShaffrey’s point. Take a look.