John Calvin, 1509-1564, and MVO Church Olympics

He will teach us his ways, and we will walk in his paths. Micah 4:2 “Here in a few words the prophet defines true worship of God. For it would not be enough for the nations to come together to one place to confess that they are worshippers of one God if they did notContinue reading “John Calvin, 1509-1564, and MVO Church Olympics”

More than Just a Bible Version

Several changes in perspective accompany the transition from MVO to the King James Version. There is a greater emphasis on the role of the Church and a diminished emphasis on the importance of the Academy. There is a renewed emphasis on the value of good literature and a diminished acceptance of contemporary writing styles. ThereContinue reading “More than Just a Bible Version”

The Plagiarism of the Received Text

How would you know what the evangelical textual critics were describing the Bible if they did not have the TR to compare it to? The first text of Scripture the critic read was the TR and this foundation allowed the expert to place his investigation within the realm of Scriptural texts. His new text isn’tContinue reading “The Plagiarism of the Received Text”

John William Baier (1647-1694) on Inspiration, Versions, and Perspicuity

Chapter Two Prolegomena Faithful versions are “divinely [derivatively] inspired” and have “canonical dignity.” 34. The authority of Holy Scripture is canonical, or normative, as in part not only the sense, but also the words of those same divinely inspired Scriptures, or the original text [apograph], in order equally to the versions, recorded by human studies,Continue reading “John William Baier (1647-1694) on Inspiration, Versions, and Perspicuity”

Re-associating the Doctrine of Scripture and the Consolidation of MVOism

(Portions of this post draw on the material of “A Post-critical Ecclesiastical Case Study.”) Dr. Jackson “declares that the ‘defective’ old faith is inferior to the new faith which is a ‘scientific faith’ and a ‘twentieth century faith’ through which ‘this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ.’” “Scientific faith” asContinue reading “Re-associating the Doctrine of Scripture and the Consolidation of MVOism”

A Post-Critical Ecclesiastical Case Study

Fountain Street Church, Grand Rapids, MI In March of 1956, a succinct history of the First Baptist Church in Grand Rapids was published by Baptist Testimony Publishers, Inc. The 32-page booklet entitled The Tragic Fall of the First Baptist Church provides selections from sermons made by the pastors of the church describing First Baptist’s slideContinue reading “A Post-Critical Ecclesiastical Case Study”

Preservation, Preaching, and Evangelism

On this Lord’s Day morning, we briefly consider the relationship between Scripture’s preservation, preaching and evangelism in Andrew Willet’s 1611 commentary on Romans. Under the heading “Places of confutation,” he engages in discussions with those who stand opposed to major Christian doctrines. The first controversy was “Against those which think it is against the natureContinue reading “Preservation, Preaching, and Evangelism”

Dean John William Burgon on 2nd-5th Century Testimony to Mark 16:9-20

Codex Alexandrinus. 5th c “II. That, at some period subsequent to the time of the Evangelist, certain copies of S. Mark’s Gospel suffered that mutilation in respect of their last Twelve Verses of which we meet with no trace whatever, no record of any sort, until the beginning of the fourth century.And the facts whichContinue reading “Dean John William Burgon on 2nd-5th Century Testimony to Mark 16:9-20”

The King James Version and Freedom

If you ever visit the Nation’s Capital, you will want to visit the Holocaust Museum just south of independence Ave SW. The walk through three stories of exhibits is a sobering and visceral reminder of the unspeakable evil that resides in the heart of man. In a previous post entitled “Time to Get in theContinue reading “The King James Version and Freedom”