Standard Sacred Text Is Now on Facebook

In approaching our 400th post we have decided to actively reach out beyond the blog and to make that first foray into the realm of Facebook. All are welcome to join. We will be posting content there that will not be posted here. Additionally, we will start holding Facebook LIVE events every Saturday around 11am.Continue reading “Standard Sacred Text Is Now on Facebook”

The Problem with the Standard Sacred Text Position?

So why is it that so many reject the Standard Sacred Text position? What is it about the argument in general that demands intelligent well-meaning Christians reject its major points? I’m quite certain that it is not the fact that we are arguing for a text as we do for the Standard Sacred Text position.Continue reading “The Problem with the Standard Sacred Text Position?”

Random Comparison: Acts 7:1-10 in the KJV and the ESV

Today I chose a random selection of Scripture by opening my Westminster Reference Bible (KJV) and without looking, pointed at a verse and then chose the nine verses after that. My finger landed on Acts 7:1, so let’s compare Acts 7:1-10 in the KJV with the same passage as it occurs in the ESV ActsContinue reading “Random Comparison: Acts 7:1-10 in the KJV and the ESV”

A Recent Discussion: Should We Speak of Holy Scripture as Sufficiently Reliable?

Below is a recent discussion I had on Facebook regarding the meaning and use of “sufficient reliability” as applied to Holy Scripture. I have changed my interlocutors name and made some minor edits to make the conversation more readable. James –  I think “sufficient” is absolutely necessary for any form of bibliology that recognizes that theContinue reading “A Recent Discussion: Should We Speak of Holy Scripture as Sufficiently Reliable?”

A Recent Discussion on Paraphrasing God’s Words and the Use of the LXX in the NT

Recently I had an email exchange with someone working their way through the version debate and the merits or demerits of the Standard Sacred Text position. My interlocutors position was that NT writers and NT accounts quote from the Septuagint/ LXX and also seem to paraphrase passages from the OT therefore the Bible can remainContinue reading “A Recent Discussion on Paraphrasing God’s Words and the Use of the LXX in the NT”

We Live and Die by The Measuring Tape

The Lord has blessed my wife and I with the opportunity to homeschool our 9 children. Well, the last of the 9 starts next year but she still participates in academic life in her own way even if it is spilling her milk at the table where everyone is doing their language arts. That said,Continue reading “We Live and Die by The Measuring Tape”

In Their Own Words: Peter J. Williams

The work of New Testament textual criticism is broadly a work of abduction centered on the particular evidence known the New Testament manuscript tradition. Put another way, NT textual criticism seeks to arrive at an inference to the best explanation by examining the textual evidence. One gapping hole in their evidential argument is the factContinue reading “In Their Own Words: Peter J. Williams”

William Tyndale: Historical Faith vs. A Feeling Faith

The following excerpts are from William Tyndale’s An Answer to Sir Thomas More’s Dialogue, The Supper of the Lord after the True Meaning of John VI. and 1 Cor. XI and WM. Tracy’s Testament Expounded edited by Henry Walter and printed by Cambridge University Press in 1850. Here Tyndale makes a distinction between a faithContinue reading “William Tyndale: Historical Faith vs. A Feeling Faith”

In Their Own Words: David C. Parker

David C. Parker [aka D.C. Parker] is the Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology at the University of Birmingham. For today’s “In Their Own Words” we will look into Parker’s Textual Scholarship and the Making of the New Testament published by Oxford University Press in 2014. The reason for this series is simply to show thatContinue reading “In Their Own Words: David C. Parker”