“I Watched It” – A New False Friend

Today I have a brief story for you. As most of you know I am preparing to debate James White on the topic of Confessional Bibliology and the quality of the TR. As part of this preparation many have been sending me things to watch and watch out for. Thank you all for that.

One such person asked if I had ever listened to a particular debate from ages ago in internet terms. I responded by saying that I had watched it at least once. To which he accurately responded, “That debate was not filmed” from which we can infer that I had not watched the debate because there was nothing to watch.

But in the age of the internet something that has never been filmed can still be “watched”. I’m sure most of you can see where this is going.

I had indeed listened to said debate but through the means of YouTube which is something you can watch. It occurred to me in that moment that “watched” could mean that I watched the actual debate filmed [which in this case could not be done] but it can also be “watched” on YouTube though all there is on the screen is a graphic of the speakers and the title of the topic while the audio plays.

So when I said “I watched it”, my brother in Christ made a very accurate observation that it is unwatchable while at the same time because of YouTube you can “watch” a video where the audio of the debate is played over a series of graphics.

As such, it seems that “watched” in this context may have been another sneaky False Friend.

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