2022 State of Theology Survey

The annual Ligonier State of Theology survey was recently released. You can find the whole report here. As with last years, things are getting worse in major sectors of Christian theology and Christian orthodoxy in America.

The survey concludes with the following words,

The 2022 State of Theology survey reveals that Americans increasingly reject the divine origin and complete accuracy of the Bible. With no enduring plumb line of absolute truth to conform to, U.S. adults are also increasingly holding to unbiblical worldviews related to human sexuality. In the evangelical sphere, doctrines including the deity and exclusivity of Jesus Christ, as well as the inspiration and authority of the Bible, are increasingly being rejected. While positive trends are present, including evangelicals’ views on abortion and sex outside of marriage, an inconsistent biblical ethic is also evident, with more evangelicals embracing a secular worldview in the areas of homosexuality and gender identity.

Indeed, the American Church has no enduring plumb line of absolute truth to conform to at least according to modern evangelical scholarship on the state of the Bible in the 21st century. An absolute standard infers there is nothing to add to that standard. That is the definition of absolute, that nothing can be added to it.

What is worse, when we here at Standard Sacred Text.com claim there is an absolute standard Christians come out of the woodwork to make sure they correct us by proclaiming that no such thing exists as an absolute standard, a thing to which nothing can be added.

As a result the State of Theology survey identifies the rise of Expressive Individualism via modern sexual norms and all because there is no enduring plumb line of absolute truth. We’ve been saying this is the case and this is the result for the better part of a year, but of course asserting an enduring plumb line of absolute truth in the form of the TR is often dismissed out of hand in the continued pursuit of initial text which may or may not be the original.

Somebody set an alarm. It’s time to wake up.

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