The Social Experiment of Novel Bibles

The usurpation of pre-critical orthodoxy by theological nihilism, or the milieu created in the failed textual critical attempt to reconstruct the autographa, has not only corrupted sound doctrine but good behavior as well. Christian theology and virtue, drawn from the King James Bible, are ideally synonymous and practically the philanthropy of Christianity is evident in America and around the world. Personal autonomy engendered by post-critical theology and modern bible texts, infer that believing in a sort of autonomous individualistic utopia, based on the ability to control the shape of that traditionally held as highest source of authority, the Bible, is superior to pre-critical orthodoxy and historic Biblical benevolence.

The primary thing attacked was the source of all American and specifically ecclesiastical formal structure, the King James Bible. For the theological nihilistic scholarly oligarchy, (a small group of scholars that know more about religion and culture than anyone else) the KJB is considered the source of patriarchalism, sexism, homophobia, failed social justice, etc., and every societal evil. Everyone is “free” of these traditional sins to do as they please as long as formal structure that fomented them is marginalized or outright rejected. Thus, for everyone to be “free” of the Bible’s confining, conscience afflicting teaching, it had to be replaced with “bibles” whose existence was consistent with party orthodoxy. These bibles serve a religious purpose whose authority is granted by the party, and as such, everything traditionally considered sinful was erased and replaced by the laws of the party oligarchy. Once the transition from sell-contained Scriptural Authority to party-rendered authority was complete, the new bible served as a utilitarian party tool to impose party morality.

For instance, the idea that a wife is to submit to her husband as the head of the family as traditionally asserted in the King James Bible, for the modern mind, must be eradicated and replaced with a socialistic, egalitarian family structure. The accentuation of sphere sovereignty or indeed any kind of sovereignty is considered an antiquated relic of a cruel patriarchal society as taught in the King James Bible. If the novel versions mandated the same moral demands, why then have the publishers and advocates of the new versions stringently focused on separating the King James Bible from the new bibles by showing the King James Bible’s unreliability due to supposed conspicuous shortcomings and failures. Because morality was bound to obedience to the King James Bible, with the discrediting of the King James Bible came the discrediting of traditional morality.

The quintessential axiom of post-critical theology is that epistemology precedes ontology or what we know about something creates the reality of it. Those following the discussions on Standard Sacred Text clearly note that objections to the Protestant Orthodox claims are done merely by assertion, not from a theological or often even philosophical grounding, because the brute assertion is held to be authoritative. If an epistemological claim is made, as baseless as it may be, the words expressed make reality what it is. Thinking and saying are the creators of reality. So, if the party says women can be ordained for the ministry that proclamation creates the category of ordained women ministers. If the party says such and such is the bible, then it is the bible. To the old-school congregant, the interpretation in support of party orthodoxy may seem precarious, but for the true believer in party orthodoxy the passage cannot be interpreted any other way than the way he/she is told to interpret it. The party is the unquestionable lawgiver. Indeed, appeal to any other Authority than party orthodoxy is met with the most harsh and unpleasant responses.

What adherents of this “liberating” heterodoxy are blind to or willingly embrace, is that they have given over the most noble parts of themselves to serve as slaves to the post-critical theology of the party oligarchs. Once this path is taken there is no turning back without the harshest repercussions. Rather than rejoicing with those who have forsaken a life of sin and ruin, the blood-washed followers of Christ are of all people detested for rejecting party orthodoxy and for embracing a pre-critical, “back-woodsy” orthodox structure for their lives in the King James Bible, the traditional source of morality in the American culture. The structure of the traditional home must be replaced with autonomous party allegiance. Remember, the antiquated structure of the traditional home in American culture came from the King James Bible, not the ASV, NASV, NIV, ESV, etc. Even if one pusillanimously would claim that the new versions are “better rendered” than the King James Version, the impugning of the English exemplar, the KJB, likewise impugns the successive version either for its continuity with the exemplar, or, for its discontinuity, both comparisons leaving culture with no moral base whatsoever. After all, what gives anyone the right to say that the murder of the unborn is wrong, but not only wrong, but a sin against a Holy God? Remember, the one thing we learned during 2 years of Covid is that killing the unborn is essential. Church attendance is not essential but abortion on demand is.

Post-critical theology advocated from post-critical bibles declaring the theology of false egalitarianism has enslaved the malleable mind, and the acceptance of new bibles is the instigation and manifestation of that cultural enslavement.

Published by Dr. Peter Van Kleeck, Sr.

Dr. Peter William Van Kleeck, Sr. : B.A., Grand Rapids Baptist College, 1986; M.A.R., Westminster Theological Seminary, 1990; Th.M., Calvin Theological Seminary, 1998; D. Min, Bob Jones University, 2013. Dr. Van Kleeck was formerly the Director of the Institute for Biblical Textual Studies, Grand Rapids, MI, (1990-1994) lecturing, researching and writing in the defense of the Masoretic Hebrew text, Greek Received Text and King James Bible. His published works include, "Fundamentalism’s Folly?: A Bible Version Debate Case Study" (Grand Rapids: Institute for Biblical Textual Studies, 1998); “We have seen the future and we are not in it,” Trinity Review, (Mar. 99); “Andrew Willet (1562-1621: Reformed Interpretation of Scripture,” The Banner of Truth, (Mar. 99); "A Primer for the Public Preaching of the Song of Songs" (Outskirts Press, 2015). Dr. Van Kleeck is the pastor of the Providence Baptist Church in Manassas, VA where he has ministered for the past twenty-one years. He is married to his wife of 43 years, Annette, and has three married sons, one daughter and eighteen grandchildren.

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