Sacred or Holy Scripture

“Scriptura Sacra: Sacred or Holy Scripture

The Protestant scholastics elaborated the Reformation principle of sola Scriptura into an entire dogmatic locus.”

Richard Muller, Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms: Drawn Principally from Protestant Scholastic Theology, Term: Scriptura Sacra.

Where part of the Reformer’s battlecry was the five solas; the Protestant scholastics came after them to elaborate extensively on sola Scriptura, making it a locus or location/subject of theological inquiry and conclusion. They did so regarding the Greek and Hebrew they used to defend against Roman Catholic charges. They were not merely talking about the autographs; they included the Greek and Hebrew Bible in their hand – “a canon of copies.” And of this “canon of copies” Muller goes on to observe of this locus,

“…in which Scripture was defined as one of the principia theologiae and then described according to its attributes: dignity, clarity, authority, truth, holiness, and sufficiency.”

Muller, Dictionary, Scriptura Sacra.

These are the distinguishing marks of sola Scriptura or Scripture as the sole rule of all faith and life. That is, Scripture is the dignified, clear, authoritative, true, holy, and sufficient first principle of theological knowledge [principium cognoscendi] for all faith and life. When we believe these things about our Bible perhaps a standard sacred text will not appear so foreign.

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