Debate Commentary: Closing Statements

In this episode Drs. Van Kleeck comment on the closing statements of the debate. Overall, we very much appreciated the opportunity of the debate and the fruits that have come from it. I want to thank Dr. James White for taking the debate and for Chris Arnsen for setting things up. It was a joyContinue reading “Debate Commentary: Closing Statements”

Debate Commentary: Dr. James White’ Second Cross-Examination

In this episode Drs. Van Kleeck engage with Dr. James White’s second cross-examination. We note again that JW apparently was unable to pivot from his cursory reading of our published words to the debate topic and positive arguments of the night. This was the last chance JW had to offer informed cogent rebuttals or defeatersContinue reading “Debate Commentary: Dr. James White’ Second Cross-Examination”

Debate Commentary: Van Kleeck’s Second Cross-Examination (Part 2)

In this episode Drs. Van Kleeck conclude their observations regarding Van Kleeck Jr.’s second cross-examination. Obviously this series is getting long and we have two more episodes to go. I hope that it is becoming clear if it is not already that what was presented at the debate was merely the tip of a veryContinue reading “Debate Commentary: Van Kleeck’s Second Cross-Examination (Part 2)”

Debate Commentary: White’s First Cross Examination

In this episode Drs. Van Kleeck discuss Dr. James White’s first cross examination from the recent debate he had with Dr. Van Kleeck Jr. Our hope is that by giving this commentary greater light can be shed on why I answered the questions they way I did and why I refused to answer some ofContinue reading “Debate Commentary: White’s First Cross Examination”

Debate Commentary: Van Kleeck’s Rebuttal

We are back in the recording saddle this week. Drs. Van Kleeck were finally able to complete their commentary of the debate between Peter Van Kleeck Jr. and James White. We pick up commentary at the beginning of Van Kleeck’s rebuttal. The aim of this commentary is to shed some light and add some colorContinue reading “Debate Commentary: Van Kleeck’s Rebuttal”

Confessional Bibliology and James White

On the July 25, 2022 edition of the Dividing Line James White addressed the first chapter of the London Baptist Confession. While it is clear that JW has a well-worn historical argument it seems that his Confessional commitments are not as obvious or as obviously employed in his defense of the biblical text and translations.Continue reading “Confessional Bibliology and James White”