Debate Commentary: Closing Statements

In this episode Drs. Van Kleeck comment on the closing statements of the debate. Overall, we very much appreciated the opportunity of the debate and the fruits that have come from it. I want to thank Dr. James White for taking the debate and for Chris Arnsen for setting things up. It was a joy and a blessing in so many ways and I praise the Lord for it.

On another note, here is another commentary on the debate recently offered by Robert Vaughn. Go ahead and take a look at that.

Finally, I have heard your demands and have published Then He Poked The Bear as a paperback. I want to remind you of the glowing endorsement that James White gave of the book when he said in the debate that Then He Poked The Bear was “The most skeptical attack upon any critical approach to the New Testament I’ve ever seen in my life, ever.” Thank you, Dr. White.

3 thoughts on “Debate Commentary: Closing Statements

  1. Thanks for these, Dr. Van Kleeck! They really drove home your points. I hope many Christians will awaken to the “distinctively Christian” aspects of your argument, but I’m afraid it may have gone over many of their heads due to their bias for JW. Thankfully, if they belong to God, then the Spirit will convict them because He uses His words to speak to His people. So there’s still hope.

    In February, I’ll be debating a friend on the ending of Mark. I hope to follow your example and present a robust, God-honoring, distinctively Christian defense of the traditional ending.

    I have the ebook Then He Poked the Bear and will probably order the print edition too.

    Were you invited to go on the Apologetics Live podcast? Its host was talking with you after the debate.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Jimmy. I hope your debate on the ending of Mark is a fruitful and illuminating event. Let me know if you have any questions about the book. I was not invited but he did bring up the possibility at some time in the future. We’ll have to wait and see. Blessings.

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