Richard Muller, The Textus Receptus, and Authoritas Divina Duplex

Yesterday on Jeff Riddle’s Word Magazine podcast he took the time to delve into Richard Muller’s Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms and specifically the terms Textus Receptus and Authoritas Divina Duplex.

These terms make exceedingly important distinctions in historic Reformed Bibliology and are foundational to the relationship of a translation to the original text. We have written on both of these terms. You can find out treatment of Textus Receptus here and our treatment of Authoritas Divina Duplex here.

Give a listen to Dr. Riddle as explores the richness and value of these terms both for the Protestant Scholastics and for us today.

Also, here is an assessment of my recent debate with James White written by Kent Brandenburg. Thanks to Kent and Thomas for their input and observations.

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