Amandus Polanus, 1600, Arguing for the Long Ending of the Lord’s Prayer

“Amandus Polanus (1561-1610) wrote extensively on the doctrine of Scripture against the famed Roman Catholic apologist, Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621). His refutation of Bellarmine spanned nearly 800 pages in his Syntagma Theologiae (Hanover, 1610, pp. 95-831). Polanus was a German Reformed theologian who spent much of his academic career teaching in Basel, Switzerland. Historians, such as Richard Muller, have referred to his Syntagma as one of the most important textbooks of theology in Early Reformed Orthodoxy. ”

Polanus comments,

“The third part of the Lord’s prayer is a conformation which containeth three arguments, by which our faith is confirmed, that God doth certainly hear our prayers. Two arguments are drawn from the attributes of God, the third from the end of hearing.

The first attribute of God is this: because he is king having rule over all things.

The second, because he is able, who can give us all things which we ask.

The argument from the end is, that he might be glorified for ever, because he is God, and a most bountiful and merciful father.”

Amandus Polanus, The Substance of the Christian Religion, Soundly Set Forth in two books, by definitions and partitions, framed according to the rules of a natural method (London: Arn. Hatfield for Felix Norton, dwelling in Paules Churchyard, at the sign of the Parrot, 1600), 487-88.

Published by Dr. Peter Van Kleeck, Sr.

Dr. Peter William Van Kleeck, Sr. : B.A., Grand Rapids Baptist College, 1986; M.A.R., Westminster Theological Seminary, 1990; Th.M., Calvin Theological Seminary, 1998; D. Min, Bob Jones University, 2013. Dr. Van Kleeck was formerly the Director of the Institute for Biblical Textual Studies, Grand Rapids, MI, (1990-1994) lecturing, researching and writing in the defense of the Masoretic Hebrew text, Greek Received Text and King James Bible. His published works include, "Fundamentalism’s Folly?: A Bible Version Debate Case Study" (Grand Rapids: Institute for Biblical Textual Studies, 1998); “We have seen the future and we are not in it,” Trinity Review, (Mar. 99); “Andrew Willet (1562-1621: Reformed Interpretation of Scripture,” The Banner of Truth, (Mar. 99); "A Primer for the Public Preaching of the Song of Songs" (Outskirts Press, 2015). Dr. Van Kleeck is the pastor of the Providence Baptist Church in Manassas, VA where he has ministered for the past twenty-one years. He is married to his wife of 43 years, Annette, and has three married sons, one daughter and eighteen grandchildren.

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