Debate Update

Hey all. I wanted to give an update to my debate preparations. I’ve had a half a dozen or so men from different stripes and perspectives reading and refining my arguments. I really appreciate all their help to this point. The arguments I have constructed for the debate have not been used anywhere in our printed work or on the blog. I look forward to putting them to the test.

For the most part my opening statement is completed and I have a raft of questions to ask. At this point I’ve listened to about 1,000 minutes of Dr. White’s lectures and debates in preparation for the debate. My goal is to be somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500 minutes by the time of the debate.

The debate format is as follows:

Opening Statements
Van Kleeck 20 minutes
White 20 minutes

Van Kleeck 10 minutes
White 10 minutes

Cross Examination #1
Van Kleeck 20 minutes
White 20 minutes

Cross Examination #2
White 20 minutes
Van Kleeck 20 minutes

Closing Statements
Van Kleeck 5 minutes
White 5 minutes

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