We Made It (Part Duex)

So we made it…again. I have to say that the second time around just isn’t the same. I have to admit, the glow is wearing off. That said, this time we get a longer and more thorough treatment. Yesterday we found out that we are committing those scary category errors and arguing like Muslims. In this installment of the Dividing Line we are lumped into an evidence-hating KJVO sect-type. In short, our position here apparently resembles something like an ignorant evidence-hating irrational Muslim.

So careful. So scholarly. So accurate. It makes sense now why many Christians find him appealing.

If you would like to watch for yourself, Dr. White begins his assessment of our position around the 20:00 mark.

2 thoughts on “We Made It (Part Duex)

  1. It’s worth, as I’m sure you’ve already done, to formulate or get the talking points to his faux argument here. It is typical, the Erasmus did textual criticism. White talks like our position is the easiest possible thing to swat away.


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