The TCC-Needs-To-Rethink-Its-Position Starter Pack in 6ish Memes

1.) False Friends – the TCC in general and Ward specifically like the idea of “False Friends” yet it appears they completely misunderstand what a False Friend is. Allow the following example to illustrate,

This my friend is a real False Friend which is a word in a foreign language that sounds like a word in your native language. You may check my data at Google translate in case you’re skeptical.

2.) Early Modern English [i.e., the English of the 1611 KJV] is a foreign language – Ok, judge for yourself…

Oh my, so foreign…

3.) Divine Providence – Regularly it seems that the TCC takes the Scottish Common Sense Realism approach of B.B. Warfield and totally miss the point that God’s providential work is not always to preserve; sometimes His providence allows for something to be destroyed. Allow Dustin Benge via C.S. Lewis to elucidate,

4.) That study is not the answer to understanding the KJV and therefore retaining it – I have two examples here. First, a quote from Yehudi Menuhin, widely considered to be the one of the best violinists of the 20th century,

The process where by someone migrates from misunderstanding the KJV to understanding the KJV is…practice, like everything else in the world worth doing.

When I was young my Dad told me that if doctor goes to school in order to train to be a physician, why would not a minister of the Gospel get training before becoming a physician of the soul? In like manner I would like to say, if a violinists will train to learn the language of music why would not a Christian labor to learn the language of Scripture?

My second example comes from the second page of the Apologe to the Reader in Coverdale’s 1535 New Testament,

That mean ol’ Coverdale telling people the reason why they cannot understand Scripture is because of their own ignorance. The TCC would rather foster their ignorance than call attention to their ignorance as a bad thing. That wouldn’t be charitable apparently.

5.) Finally, in light of the TCC’s truncated and naïve view of Christian charity I give you a quote from the inimitable G.K. Chesterton,

Dear reader, sometimes disobedient children need to be taken over the parent’s knee, sometimes a wayward sheep gets his leg broken by the shepherd, sometimes the husbandman prunes the vine, and sometimes the TCC behaves like scoundrels and are in need of a strong rebuke. Calm down TCC, the wounds of a friend are faithful [Prov. 27:6].

2 thoughts on “The TCC-Needs-To-Rethink-Its-Position Starter Pack in 6ish Memes

  1. Great analogies. I also wonder if there isn’t an element of priestcraft at work here. With the exception of Berg, the remainder of the TCC are personally invested (and funded?) in the model of the academy that has set them up as the experts who must be consulted by regular Christians for help in understanding their Bibles (and yet they like our side to Roman Catholicism?). If the ploughboy has a Bible he can read and believe, the modern textual priesthood is no longer needed.

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