Necessity, Sufficiency, and the Cursed Fig Tree

We hear over and over from CT/MVO academicians that modern versions are “sufficiently reliable.” When pressed on the meaning of that term it seems that they mean something like, “It is possible to be saved out of many of the modern translations” or “The general gist of all major Christian doctrine is present in mostContinue reading “Necessity, Sufficiency, and the Cursed Fig Tree”

Modern Textual Criticism: A Deathwork (Part 2)

I came across a recent article by a New Testament scholar, Christ Keith, who made the following observations, “Those of us who cherish biblical texts on some level or another also need to exercise the important and necessary right to disagree with the text.” Indeed, the freedom to disagree with the text is almost necessaryContinue reading “Modern Textual Criticism: A Deathwork (Part 2)”

Third World Modern Evangelical Textual Criticism as a Deathwork

Here at we have repeatedly asserted that there was one autograph, there is one canonical apographa (the TR), and as a result it seems only natural to assert that there is one standard sacred text for the English-speaking Church. We believe that text to be the KJV. We anchor our belief in the aboveContinue reading “Third World Modern Evangelical Textual Criticism as a Deathwork”

Reconstructing and Deconstructing the Bible: A Historical Overview

**This post is part two of a series started here** Let us begin with six men: 1.) Karl Marx (1818-1883) – Gave prominent voice to modern Communism and defined the oppressed as all those not in power. For Marx the Church/Religion is a form of power and therefore is an apparatus of oppression. Furthermore, theContinue reading “Reconstructing and Deconstructing the Bible: A Historical Overview”

Charles Taylor, the Social Imaginary, and the Bible in America

Over the last several months I have been working my way through Carl Trueman’s The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. Between reading his book and regularly writing on the blog here I could not help but find considerable similarity between the rise and triumph of the modern self in American culture and theContinue reading “Charles Taylor, the Social Imaginary, and the Bible in America”

We Are All Expressive Individuals Now

`Last week I was able to finish my first time through The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self by Carl Trueman. It is perhaps the seminal work for future offerings toward a meaningful and well-aimed polemic against the moral degradation of the individual, morality, and western politics in the 21st century. He offers nearlyContinue reading “We Are All Expressive Individuals Now”

Apologetics in a World of Contemporary Inerrancy

Next week will mark one year since I graduated with my Ph.D. in Christian Theology and Apologetics from Liberty University. I love apologetics and especially the defense of the Principium: the Doctrine of God and the Doctrine of Scripture, which is a large part of why this blog exists. If you look around at Ph.D.Continue reading “Apologetics in a World of Contemporary Inerrancy”

Modern Evangelical Textual Criticism is Grounded in Vicious Circularity

Ask any modern textual critic, “Given the current manuscript data, how do you know you have all the pertinent manuscript data?” Be shrewd with them and even pedantic if necessary and they will finally confess, “We know we have all the manuscript data because the current manuscript data has all the manuscript data.” And basedContinue reading “Modern Evangelical Textual Criticism is Grounded in Vicious Circularity”