Lancelot Andrewes Institute

I was able to listen to the Textual Confidence Collective today. The episode had some interesting historical facts but overall it was easily the most low energy episode to this point. The one major critique I had was the TCC’s insistence upon scholarship as our epistemological grounding for the text [i.e., the TCC ignores truths like autopistos and the Spirit/word/faith paradigm]. More on that tomorrow.

The point of this post is to introduce you to the Lancelot Andrewes Institute which is a branch of brand new offerings here at The short of it is that I have an incredible set of notes taken from over 20 classes from my Westminster Theological Seminary days.

The story of how I came to acquire these notes can be found here as well as the class offerings for this semester – Fall 2022. The classes offered are:

1.) New Testament Introduction
2.) Old Testament Introduction
3.) The Theology of John Owen
4.) Introduction to Systematic Theology
5.) The Ancient Church

Our goal at the Lancelot Andrewes Institute is to give you a taste of seminary and to broaden our readers’ minds in the fields of biblical theology, systematic theology, practical theology, and church history.

Dr. Gaffin taught us that the theology of the Church belongs to the Church and so what has come to be my seminary notes are now your notes. In the end, a robust argument in defense of the Bible is one that is broad in scope and deep in substance. What was once mine is now yours. Blessings.

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