Ward Continues to Show Himself To Be Out of His Depth

Ward recently offered reasons for why he believes KJV-Onlyism and Confessional Bibliology are for all intents and purposes the same argument. Dr. Riddle took the opportunity to help Ward with his confusion on this point in a recent Word Magazine episode. Below is a video of that episode where Riddle carefully works through the fallacy of Ward’s conflationary and unfortunate assertion.

Ward continues to show himself largely out of his depth in dealing with Confessional Bibliology, Reformed Epistemology, Reformed Bibliology, and apparently even KJV Onylism given his penchant to equate KJV-Onlyism and Confessional Bibliology.

To make matters worse, in addition to Ward being out of his depth so frequently, there seems to be blood in the water around Ward’s entire enterprise. All major elements of his argument [e.g., false friends, KJVO/Confessional Text equivalence, and textual confidence etc.] have been eviscerated under only mild scrutiny.

Thanks to Dr. Riddle for his patient and careful treatment of Ward on this point. Check out more of Riddle’s work here: http://www.jeffriddle.net/

One thought on “Ward Continues to Show Himself To Be Out of His Depth

  1. Ward’s conflation of all positions that revere, or simply use, the King James Bible as KJVO is inexcusable. It’s clearly a debate tactic, but it amounts to “poisoning the well”, which any sincere pupil learns is a logical fallacy. For Ward to use it is a display of ignorance at best, sophistry at worst.

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