Standard Sacred Text Is Now on Facebook

In approaching our 400th post we have decided to actively reach out beyond the blog and to make that first foray into the realm of Facebook.

All are welcome to join. We will be posting content there that will not be posted here. Additionally, we will start holding Facebook LIVE events every Saturday around 11am. We’d love to have you join us, ask questions, and glean useful insights into the Standard Sacred Text position.

In other exciting news, we just received our third volume in the Standard Sacred Text series from our proofreaders. This third volume is A Theological Grounding for a Standard Sacred Text. It is our largest volume to date and has received high marks by all those who have read it.

Lord willing, we will have it published in June and once we publish the work we will make it available for purchase on our Facebook page at a significant discount.

2 thoughts on “Standard Sacred Text Is Now on Facebook

  1. Might it be possible to upload the live broadcasts to YouTube for those of us who are allergic to Facebook, please?


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