We Live and Die by The Measuring Tape

The Lord has blessed my wife and I with the opportunity to homeschool our 9 children. Well, the last of the 9 starts next year but she still participates in academic life in her own way even if it is spilling her milk at the table where everyone is doing their language arts.

That said, our two oldest sons will be graduating this year and heading off to college in the Fall. And as part of the preparation for college my oldest has started a job with a local master carpenter.

While I have spent my share of days roofing in the summer sun and laying road for the state of VA, I have virtually no skill in the world of carpentry and therefore have not taught my son much in that field. As a result, his eager mind is impressed with the care and precision of the carpenter as he does rough and fine work.

On his first day of work my son learned the carpenter’s four rules to becoming a master carpenter: integrity, honesty, how well you follow directions, and diligence. These of course do not merely apply to the world of carpentry but employers and employees around the world would benefit from like pledges and behavior.

Still, there was one rule that is more applicable to the carpentry trade which was, “As a carpenter, you live and die by the measuring tape.” Indeed, when the directions call for a precision of 1/16th or 1/32nd of an inch, the minutest increment takes on significance. And is it not the same with Christianity and the Holy Scriptures?

Do we not as Christians live and die by the measuring tape that is Scripture? Does not the minutest expression of the Holy Spirit in Scripture take on particular and even unfathomable significance? Indeed, it does. So much so that it may be said that 1/32nd of a word or even a letter bears that particular and unfathomable significance from the mouth of the Holy Spirit.

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