The Scripture as Song

It was a great day in the Lord’s house today. Pastor began a series on Christ’s High-Priestly prayer with specific emphasis on the Christian’s belonging to the Father before the world began. What is more, the Father made a promise within the Trinity to appoint certain unto eternal life before the world began [Titus 1:2]. And part of that promise was the Father giving those that are His to the Son.

That said I got home late so today’s post is going to be short and simple. Below you will find a quote from Herman Bavinck’s Our Reasonable Faith: A Survey of Christian Doctrine. Speaking specifically of the Psalms, Bavinck writes,

David would not have been the sweet singer of Israel if he had not been a man of striking character and rich life experiences that he was. And it was his state of mind, or state of soul, rather, in all of its variations of grief and anxiety, temptation and drive, persecutions and rescue, and like experiences, which are the strings on which are played the melodies of the objective words and deeds of God in nature and history, in institutions and preaching, in judgment and redemption.

It is the harmony of God’s objective revelation and His subjective leading which is voiced in the song, and which is sung as in the presence of God, dedicated to His honor, which calls upon all creatures to join in the paean [a song of praise or triumph] of praise, which keeps on singing until all that is in heaven and on earth picks up its chords, and which is, therefore, for all ages and for all generations, the richest expression of the deepest experiences that the human soul has felt.

If all creatures are called to join this song of praise which is God’s objective revelation in the Psalms, then it will take more than text-critical principles to direct such a choir. And if it takes more than text-critical principles in the Psalms then it will take more for the whole of Scripture. That “more” is the Spirit of God speaking through the word of God to the people of God, and in the Eschaton, to the whole of God’s creation.

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