Christian Apologetics at Virginia Tech

While it is fun discussing and defending the Standard Sacred Text position I must say that doing Christian Apologetics on university campuses is more fun. Over the last six years or so I’ve been going to the local university and “putting out my sign and chairs.”

The Lord has blessed me with opportunities to interact with students in this way on the campuses of the University of South Florida, the University of North Florida, Hillsborough Community College, Trinity Baptist College, and Virginia Tech. In short, I find a place near the student’s center, put down my sign and chairs, sit in one chair, and wait for someone to sit in the other. The sign usually has a theological, philosophical, ethical, or political question on it which is meant to provoke conversation. Every time I’ve been out someone comes and sits in the other chair.

The goal then is to meet that person where they are in an attempt to ascertain their worldview and from that place begin to point them to the truths of Scripture and to Christ. Today the Lord gave me the opportunity over the course of three hours to meet with nine students. Some atheist, some agnostic, and one Roman Catholic. In each case I was able to share the truths of Christianity while simultaneously deconstructing something of the student’s atheist/agnostic worldview.

Additionally, a local Blacksburg pastor accompanied me to see how the process goes. He was able to talk with several students as well. Overall it was a great day.

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