300 and the Near Future

This marks our 300th post here at StandardSacredText.com and the beginning of several new initiatives in the StandardSacredText.com trajectory for the future.

The material presented thus far has come at a significant pace and with that pace the inevitability that some crucial details have been overlooked. As such, we have decided to change gears a bit by presenting our material on a more personal level.

To that end, we are announcing several additions to our current methodology:

1.) Lord willing, by the end of June we hope to have published a A Theological Grounding for a Standard Sacred Text. After which time…

2.) We are going to return to our podcast in order to finish up our presentation of the Standard Sacred Text position there. As part of the podcast we would like to answer any questions you may have regarding clarification of the position discussed and its constituent points. In order to better interface with your questions you can email them to standardsacredtext@gmail.com.

3.) This Fall, we will be offering a free-to-attend 15 week LIVE online seminar. While we are still putting together the finer points of this offering we currently intend the seminar to be on Monday nights for 15 consecutive weeks. The content of the seminar will be divided into three sections: 1.) 5 weeks on a philosophical grounding for a standard sacred text, 2.) 5 weeks on an exegetical grounding for a standard sacred text, 3.) 5 weeks on a theological grounding for a standard sacred text. Each Monday night will include two 50 minute lectures.

Come for some of it or come for all of it. It will be like a college class. You will receive a class syllabus and a PDF copy of each our three books as part of your attendance. Also, for all those homeschool parents out there, if you would like to have your child receive Bible/theology or elective credit we can make a written assignment available in addition to the lectures.

As part of the seminar there will be an opportunity to interact with us LIVE in and after class on specific topics or questions relating to the Standard Sacred Text position. Look for more details and sign-up opportunities as Fall 2022 approaches.

All are welcome to attend.

4.) Both Dr.’s Van Kleeck live in Virginia, one in the north of the state and one in the south. If you find yourself in VA and you would like to meet for coffee some place and talk these things over, we would love to meet with you, talk theology, and fellowship over a piece of pie and a cup of coffee. If you would like us to come your way then I’m sure we could make that happen as well.

We are really excited for the year ahead and for what the Lord has in store for StandardSacredText.com. Thank you all for stopping by StandardSacredText.com and for your comments and interactions.


Dr. Peter Van Kleeck Sr.
Dr. Peter Van Kleeck Jr.

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