1,362 / 783,137 = 0.00174

Mark Ward’s main argument against the use of the KJV is that it contains False Friends. In making this argument Dr. Ward chose 50 of these so called False Friends and explained why he thought they were False Friends. In this video right around the 3:30-4:00 mark Ward explains that he and one of his students took to counting all the occurrences of these 50 False Friends in the KJV. All told they counted 1,362 words which by their lights deserve to be called False Friends.

There are 783,137 total words in the KJV. Thus the total percentage of False Friends in the KJV is 0.174% or less than two tenths of a percent of the words in the KJV are False Friends.

So, by Ward’s own count, we ought to abandon the KJV because two tenths of a percent of the words of the KJV maybe words we think we understand but don’t [i.e., are False Friends].

For perspective, say you live in this house.

This house currently costs $1,875,000. 0.174% of $1,875,000 is $3,262.50. Mark Ward would have you get rid of this house because there are $3,262.50 worth of things about this house that you think you understand but don’t. He would tell you this house is not safe and that this house is not good enough for you. Furthermore, he would exhort you not to call this one house your home but to sell this one and purchase several other houses. And once you bought these several houses be sure to call them all equally home. Furthermore, anyone who is a One Home-Onlyist should be held in derision because all the people in the know say we need to have many houses and many homes but definitely move out of the one above because…False Friends.

So is it time to move and buy more houses or are you staying in your 4 Bed, 6 Bath, 6,700 sqft home with 28ft ceilings on 20 acres of land?

3 thoughts on “1,362 / 783,137 = 0.00174

  1. In Laurence Vance’s book, Archaic Words and the Authorized Version, he has a couple appendices that are incredibly revealing. He documents hundreds of plain and simple words (not so-called false friends) in the KJV that are changed into much harder, and often times very unusual and not at all well understood, words in the NIV and NASB—which reveals that the claims of modern version advocates that they are simply updating the archaic English to make it more understandable to contemporary readers is disingenuous.

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