Everyone Agrees: The “Little Stuff” Matters

We here at Standard Sacred Text.com have made the argument that God has preserved His word via His singular care and providence. We have further made the point that we believe the TR in the Greek and the KJV in the English are the standard sacred text in their respective spheres. We have further argued that this comes down to the books, paragraphs, sentences, words, and even part of words or the accidents of words. In short, the little stuff matters to us.

In the video below it seems the same is held by those who do not hold to our position. If you watch the whole debate, Ehrman seems to care about the “little stuff” so much so that what amounts to misquoting Jesus depends on a word here and a couple words, there. In the excerpt below, Ehrman also makes the point that Daniel Wallace was soliciting for and accepting tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to study the myriad of differences between manuscripts.

Assuming people gave to Wallace’s cause we now have quite a long list of people who think the differences in the Greek NT matter and that those differences include the “little stuff.” We here at StandardSacredText.com, representing the TR/KJV tradition, care about these differences. Bart Ehrman, representing the skeptical/agnostic position, cares about them. Dan Wallace, representing the CT/MVO position, cares about them enough to make a sales pitch. Finally, the people who gave to Wallace’s project, representing the believing community, care about these differences enough to put their money where their mouth is.

Admittedly, the parties mentioned above may not care for the “little stuff” in the same way and for the same reasons, but the matter is clear – all parties involved know the “little stuff” matters enough to argue about it and raise money to that end.

If you ever find yourself standing in front of God’s people and you claim that no major doctrine is threatened or that there are only errors in the small stuff when it comes to the modern text-critical enterprise, know that the probability that God’s people believe what you’ve said may not be as high as you think or as high as you like.

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