Thomas Hall, 1658, on 2 Timothy 3:16 and Scripture’s Inspiration

The Apostle, better to encourage Timothy to study the Holy Scriptures, goeth on to prove that they are able to make one wise unto salvation, and that by drawn from a full and sufficient enumeration of those things which are necessary to salvation, where he commends the Holy Scriptures upon, a threefold account: 1. For their Dignity and Authority; 2. For their Utility; 3. For their Perfection.

  1. He commends them for their Dignity and Divine Authority, as coming immediately from God. Verse 16, All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. (By inspiration of the Holy Ghost who is the Spirit of Truth, and led the writers of these Writings into all Truth, so that they could not err. Dutch Annot. In locum.

2. For the singular Utility, which is four-fold. First, for Doctrine to teach the Truth. Secondly, for Reproof of error and false doctrine. Thirdly, for correction of sin and evil manners. Fourthly, for Instruction in Righteousness and good works.

3. For their complete perfection, enabling a Minister for his office, verse 17, especially those four parts of it before named, v. 16.

The Apostle commends the Scriptures in respect of their Divine Authority, they have not angels or men for their Author; the Prophets and Apostles were but penmen, secretaries and instruments of the Holy Ghost, to write what he should dictate to them. So the angels were God’s messengers to declare the Law to his people, Galatians 3:19. The Scriptures have God himself for their more immediate Author, All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, all and every part of Scripture is Divinely inspired, or breathed by God, both for Matter, Order, Style and Words.

Those Holy men of God did not only utter their words by the Holy Ghosts immediate direction, but by the same direction did commit them to writing, that they might be standing Rule to the Church forever: for the bare memories of men would not have kept them for us with such certainty as they have been kept in Scripture, and delivered to us. So that what David said of himself, is true of all penmen of Holy Scripture, the Spirit of the Lord spake by me, and his Word was in my tongue, 2 Samuel 23:2. It is he that spake by the mouth of his Holy Prophets, Luke 1:70, and bid them write, Revelation 14:12. They spake not what pleased themselves, but they spake and wrote as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, 2 Peter 1:21. They were powerfully moved; acted, and carried out of themselves to write, say and do, what God would have them, Nehemiah 9:30, Micah 3:8, Acts 28:25, Hebrews 13:7.

Thomas Hall. A Practical and Polemical Commentary of Exposition upon the Third and Fourth Chapter of the latter Epistle of Saint Paul to Timothy wherein the Text is explained, some controversies discussed, sundry cases of conscience are cleared, Many common places are succinctly handled, and dicers useful, and seasonable Observations raised (London: Printed by E. Tyler, for John Starkey, at the Miter at the North door of the middle Exchange in Saint Pauls Church-yard, 1658), 272-273.

Published by Dr. Peter Van Kleeck, Sr.

Dr. Peter William Van Kleeck, Sr. : B.A., Grand Rapids Baptist College, 1986; M.A.R., Westminster Theological Seminary, 1990; Th.M., Calvin Theological Seminary, 1998; D. Min, Bob Jones University, 2013. Dr. Van Kleeck was formerly the Director of the Institute for Biblical Textual Studies, Grand Rapids, MI, (1990-1994) lecturing, researching and writing in the defense of the Masoretic Hebrew text, Greek Received Text and King James Bible. His published works include, "Fundamentalism’s Folly?: A Bible Version Debate Case Study" (Grand Rapids: Institute for Biblical Textual Studies, 1998); “We have seen the future and we are not in it,” Trinity Review, (Mar. 99); “Andrew Willet (1562-1621: Reformed Interpretation of Scripture,” The Banner of Truth, (Mar. 99); "A Primer for the Public Preaching of the Song of Songs" (Outskirts Press, 2015). Dr. Van Kleeck is the pastor of the Providence Baptist Church in Manassas, VA where he has ministered for the past twenty-one years. He is married to his wife of 43 years, Annette, and has three married sons, one daughter and eighteen grandchildren.

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