Reasonable Faith and Scripture

Welcome to the Brickyard. This is a place to find quotes for use in your own research and writing. The bricks are free, but the building is up to you. The following quotes are from Herman Bavinck’s Our Reasonable Faith: A Survey of Christian Doctrine.

“All of these works of God in creation and providence can rightly be called a speaking or saying for the reason that God is a personal, conscious, thinking being, who brings all things into existence by the word of His power, and who thus puts thoughts into the mind of man which man, as His image and likeness, can read and understand.”

Bavinck, Reasonable Faith, 63.

“Just so, whoever understands the voice or speech of God in general revelation in the good, that is, in the Scriptural, sense loses the right to raise basic objections to the voice of God in special revelation. For God can reveal Himself in a special way because He does it in a general way. He can speak in a proper sense because He can speak in a metaphorical sense. He can be the Re-Creator because He is the Creator of all things.”

Bavinck, Reasonable Faith, 65.

“The great difference between this speaking on God’s part in general revelation and that in His special revelation is that in the first God leaves it to man to find out His thoughts in the works of His hands, and that in the second He Himself give direct expression to those thoughts and in this form offers them to the mind of man.”

Bavinck, Reasonable Faith, 65.

“The Word of God, unwritten first and written later, does not derive its authority from men, not even from the authority of believers, but from God, who watches over it and brings about the acknowledgment of it.”

Bavinck, Reasonable Faith, 114.

“The study of these translations, too, especially those of old time, is very important for a proper understanding of Holy Scripture. For every translation, after all, is really a kind of interpretation.”

Bavinck, Reasonable Faith, 114.

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