LIVE Lecture and Q&A w/ Dr. Van Kleeck Jr. – 01/16/2023

Today [Monday, January 16th] will be the sixth lecture of the Standard Sacred Text lecture series. I had to move this week’s lecture up a day because we have something going on at church this Tuesday night. We will begin at 7:30pm EST and will be held on the Zoom meeting platform. The lecture should run 50 or so minutes with LIVE interaction and Q&A both as the lecture is going on as well as afterward.

This week we conclude our journey through Then He Poked the Bear, a small book written by Van Kleeck Jr. in order to stir the scholastic pot. In this episode Dr. Van Kleeck, assuming a merely evidential method, deals with the reality that compounding interdependent evidence does not yield greater certainty but instead diminishes the probability of a given belief because along with the compounding of higher level probabilities we also compound the lower level uncertainties. This phenomenon will be illustrated by using a simple version of Bayes’ probability calculus as it appears in Alvin Plantinga’s Warranted Christian Belief.

Join us tonight at 7:30pm EST by clicking the button below. See you there.

N.B. – Next week Dr. Van Kleeck Sr. will begin lecturing through his work An Exegetical Grounding for a Standard Sacred Text. Here he will begin a robust positive exegetical argument in favor of holding to a standard sacred text.

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