LIVE Lecture and Q&A w/ Dr. Van Kleeck Jr. – 01/10/2023

Tomorrow will be the fifth lecture of the Standard Sacred Text lecture series. We will begin at 7:30pm EST and will be held on the Zoom meeting platform. The lecture should run 50 or so minutes with LIVE interaction and Q&A both as the lecture is going on as well as afterward.

This week we continue working our way through Then He Poked the Bear, a small book written by Van Kleeck Jr. in order to stir the scholastic pot. In this episode Dr. Van Kleeck, assuming a merely evidential method, addresses the reality that the statement, “It’s in the text or the apparatus” is a prime example of a Gettier Problem. That is, modern evangelical textual criticism can only yield beliefs based on relative degrees of probability but it can never deliver justified true belief or what is more commonly called, knowledge. Dr. Van Kleeck will explain this point by way of an example which employs well-meaning farmers from the Wisconsin countryside.

Join us tomorrow at 7:30pm EST by clicking the button below. See you there.

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