2 thoughts on “The CBGM w/ Taylor DeSoto

  1. I continue to enjoy your blog, though I don’t always get around to liking or posting. Appreciate the work you’re doing, as well as that of Taylor Desoto.

    As we say here out in the country in East Texas, the nuanced terminology “initial text” provides “a bird’s nest on the ground” to evangelical text critics. When interacting with their text critic peers, they are all “in on the secret” of what this means. Then, when they go to their evangelical churches, they say “initial text” and the average evangelical Christian in the pew most likely thinks that these guys mean originals or autographs.

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    1. Robert, we appreciate the interaction and your collaboration with us in getting this kind of material out there both on our blog and on yours. May the Lord continue to give you the strength to continue that work.

      It does seem that “initial text” is treated as the rhetorical context dictates. When pressed into a corner, advocates of the CBGM seem to resort to “Well, ‘initial text’ has multiple potential referents so it could mean original or it could mean something else.” It’s that last part that remains unsaid or emphasized when in front of God’s people.


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