Van Til and the Infallibly Inscripturated Word

Welcome to the Brickyard. This is a place to find quotes for use in your own research and writing. The bricks are free, but the building is up to you. The following quotes are from Cornelius Van Til’s Christian Apologetics by P&R Publishers, 1976.

“The idea of supernatural revelation is inherent in the very idea of this system of Christianity which we are seeking to present to the natural man.”

Van Til, Christian, 97.

“But if this is so then the idea of a supernatural, infallibly inscripturated revelation is also inherent in this system.”

Van Til, Christian, 97-98.

“Man as a creature of God needs supernatural revelation and man, become a sinner, needs supernatural redemptive revelation. He needs this revelation in infallibly inscripturated form lest he himself destroy it.”

Van Til, Christian, 98.

“The natural man seeks to suppress the pressure of God’s revelation in nature that is about him. He seeks to suppress the pressure of conscience within him. So he also seeks to suppress the idea of the revelation of grace that speaks in Scripture.”

Van Til, Christian, 98

Yes, that infallibly inscripturated form of revelation we call Scripture is currently suppressed by the natural man at the time of Van Til and at our time as well.

“How can the autonomous man be obedient on his own assumptions? He cannot be obedient unless he reverses his entire position, and this he cannot do of himself. It takes the regenerating power of the Spirit to do that.”

Van Til, Christian, 98.

Given Van Til’s approach to submission and obedience to Scripture, I wonder how he would view non-regenerate conclusions about this or that reading being or not being the infallible Scripture of the New Testament?

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