Daniel Wallace

Welcome to the Brickyard. This is a place to find quotes for use in your own research. The bricks are free, but the building is up to you. The following quotes are from Daniel Wallace. I leave them to you to decide their meaning and worth to the reconstruction of the sacred scriptures of the Christian faith.

 “I would question whether it is an epistemologically sound principle to allow one’s presuppositions to dictate his text-critical methodology. This is neither honest to a historical investigation nor helpful to our evangelical heritage.”

Daniel B. Wallace, “Challenges in New Testament Textual Criticism for the Twenty-First Century” in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Vol. 52, Iss. 1 (March 2009): 79-100. 93.

 “A theological a priori has no place in textual criticism.”

Daniel B. Wallace, “Inspiration, Preservation, and New Testament Textual Criticism” in Grace Theological Journal 12 (1992): 21-51. 51.  

 “So if we do not have absolute certainty about the wording of the original, what do we have? We have overwhelming probability that the wording in our printed Bibles is pretty close.”

Wallace, Challenges, 86.

“Until the 1990s there was little question that the primary objective of NT textual criticism was to examine the copies of the NT for the purpose of determining the exact wording of the original.”

Wallace, Challenges, 80.

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