Thomas Watson and the Doctrine of Scripture

Welcome to the Brickyard. This is a place to find quotes for use in your own research. The bricks are free but the building is up to you. The following quotes are from Thomas Watson’s A Body of Divinity which was first written in 1692 which is 80 years after the translation of the 1611 King James Version. In the preface, C.H. Spurgeon writes of Watson’s work,

“Thomas Watson’s Body of Practical Divinity is one of the most precious of the peerless works of the Puritans; and those best acquainted with it prize it most.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, vii.

The following is a series of quotes demonstrating the aforesaid peerless work. I hope they are a blessing to you.

“We may know the Scripture to be the Word of God by is miraculous preservation in all ages.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 27.

“God has preserved this blessed Book inviolable to this day.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 27.

“The Book of God has no errata in it; it is a beam of the Sun of Righteousness, a crystal stream flowing from the fountain of life.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 27-28.

“All maxims of divinity are to be brought to the touchstone of Scripture, as all measures are brought to the standard.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 30.

“The Scripture is to be its own interpreter, or rather the Spirit speaking in it. Nothing can cut the diamond but the diamond; nothing can interpret Scripture but Scripture.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 31.

“Thou are inexcusable, O man, for God has given thee a rule to go by, he has written his law with his own finger.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 32.

“Till we are above sin, we shall not be above Scripture.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 33.

“The Spirit of God acts regularly, it works in and by the Word, and he that pretends to a new light, which is either above the Word, or contrary to it, abuses both himself and the Spirit: his light is borrowed from him who transforms himself into an angel of light.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 33.

“It is a saying of Luther, Quos Dues vult perdere, &c., ‘whom God intends to destroy, he gives them leave to play with Scripture.'”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 34.

“Think in every line [of Scripture] you read that God is speaking to you.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 35.

“If the Scripture is of divine inspiration, believe it.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 36.

“Though we should not be of contentious spirits, yet we ought to contend for the Word of God.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 37

“We are not left in doubtful suspense that we should not know what to believe, but we have an infallible rule to go by.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 38

“The Scripture is our pole-star to direct us to heaven, it shows us every step we are to take; when we go wrong, it instructs us; when we go right, it comforts us; and it is a matter of thankfulness, that the Scriptures are made intelligible, by being translated.”

Watson, Body of Divinity, 38.

Again, the King James Version had been in circulation for over 80 years at this time Watson speaks of translations.

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